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Have you ever just wanted to be wrapped in warmth and know that your true self is allowed to shine a little brighter?  How about if it was encouraged to shine a little brighter?  

That is the spirit behind the “Authentic” sweater.

Authentic is defined as….representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or the person identified.  For also means sharing with the world who you are and not worrying if it’s the “right” thing or the “expected” path.  You should be you and with that you can allow yourself to grow or live in a way that makes you truly happy.

Authentic for us is an important representation for mental health awareness.  If you can be your “authentic” self it encompasses all the parts...ALL the parts.  We need to recognize the struggle so many face in so many ways on so many days.  We want to encourage accepting all the parts of people and leaning into others authenticity to help them on their journey.

We can be the change.  We can be ourselves at the same time.  

These sweaters are for all people...small, tall, men, women, she/he, young, older and every person in between.  They are soft, they wash well, and they come in two colours.  Midnight and Forest.

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