A Little Love

COVID 19 is sending ripples of heartache, destruction and loss around the world.  Now more than ever we need to band together and show just how big our hearts are. With big hearts, great intentions and a connected community we can link together and get through this.  

It’s with this in mind, Wear The Care Project is launching our second piece...The Little Love Bracelet.  These bracelets are for everyone...any age, any gender, anyone with the ability to love. They are designed by Wear The Care Project, made locally by Kemba Designs and in partnership with Bella Maas Boutique.  You can buy them online and they are all BUY ONE...GIVE ONE. This means every time you purchase a bracelet we are sending you one to give to an essential service person you know. Doctor? Nurse? Grocery clerk?  Insurance broker? Anyone who can’t stay home right now. We ask that you get them to send us a picture of them wearing the bracelet so we can start a new ripple. One of love, connection, and community.

Wear The Care Project will also donate a portion of the proceeds to The Food Bank.  We can all make a difference.

Use #WearTheCare and we will start sharing the pictures or send them to lindsay@thecreativehive.ca

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Remember...a little love goes a very long way.



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