Who are we?

Wear the Care Project is part of The Creative Hive family.  It’s our chance to give back to the community that has helped us realize a dream.  We believe in the power of words because that’s what you use to write your story. Each word or phrase can capture an emotion, bring back a memory, or help to inspire you. The Wear The Care Project is carefully designing limited run clothing pieces that cloak you in comfort, but help you stand behind powerful messaging.  Each run will be different because there are so many people we want to help and so many incredible words we need to get out there. The only thing that will be the same on every piece is a heart on the sleeve.  We always have ours out there and are hoping through this project we can encourage more people to start showing their hearts! A portion of all proceeds will go to a specific organization for each design.  Please share a picture to @creativehiveyeg on Instagram or Facebook with your Wear The Care Project garment, so we can spread the message!


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